Created in 1795 as a nonprofit agency to contribute to the arts, sciences, and literature, the Institute of France is composed of 5 Academies: The French Academy, the Academy of Inscriptions and Belles-lettres, the Academy of Science, the Academy of Fine Arts, and the Academy of Moral and Political Science.

The Institut de France is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutes of patronage and to manage donations and bequests. It is a strong role in today’s patronage.

Institute of France - Paris - Cotrel Foundation - Mécénat

Created by private individuals or enterprises, the Foundations and the Institute have the benefit of this institution in the areas of patronage and philanthropy, and the expertise of their academicians in their areas of competence.

The Foundation wants, in the manner of the Institute of France, a place where  » all efforts of the human spirit are channeled together » (Ernest Renan), a place of exchange between scholars and public powers, between bosses-enterprises or private individuals- and personages known or anonymous, work together for the common good.