The Neurosensorial studies explore the balance of the body, the perception of the body in space, the asymmetry between the right and left cerebral hemisphere and the processing and integration of this information by the Central Nervous system.
Many international teams (in France, Canada and Hong Kong) work on the hypothesis that the Adolescent idiopathic Scoliosis could be associated with disturbances of the propRioceptive perception (illustrated by anatomic and functional abnormalities : asymmetry of the skull, brain or vestibular organs, etc) and its integration in the Central Nervous system.
The development of new imaging techniques as the diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), the creation of animal models and easier tests to study the functional aspects of the vestibular system have opened new and promising perspectives.

Professeur Christine Assaiante

Professeur Winnie Chu

Professeur Christophe Destrieux

Docteur Jean-Edouard Loret

Docteur Dominique Rousié

Professeur Martin Simoneau

Professeur Pierre-Paul Vidal